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X-energy commodities 2020 Why visit ?

Get the most updated information on business issues like:

> New products and liquidity providers in local and regional power and gas exchanges
> Mergers, Acquisitions and the latest development plans of Power and Gas exchanges
> Henex and EnergyClear present their plans for the implementation of the 4 new markets in GR
> Exchanges coupling and how to boost liquidity
> Admission process, participation fees and clearing mechanism across European power and gas exchanges
> Interaction of the big shipping industry with energy stakeholders
> Networking opportunities:
 - More than 250 visitors
 - More than 100 power and gas companies
 - More than 20 countries
 - ​More than 15 speakers

X-energy commodities 2020 Why sponsor?

> Find here your next BIG DEAL
> Build or support your energy or energy related brand
- More than 250 visitors
- More than 100 power and gas companies
- More than 20 countries
- More than 15 speakers
> Be present in the biggest international event for Power and Gas Exchanges in Europe
> SEE is “hot” for now and the mid-term
> Energy companies in SEE undergo a transformation period and seek for services, IT support and consulting
> SEE energy companies need international allies to tackle competition, BE THEIR PARTNER
> Find your next business partner from the shipping industry

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MEET THE X-Energy Commodities Speakers

Steffen Köhler

Chief Operations Officer, EEX

Vasiliki Lazarakou

Chair of the Capital Markets Commission

Hugo Birkelund

Co-founder & CEO, Energy Quantified

Gergely Molnar

Gas Analyst, International Energy Agency

Hugh Brunswick

CEO, Equias B.V

Mr. Theodore Chouliaras

CEO, UpMaritime London ltd

Dimitris Mattheou

CEO, Arcadia Shipmanagement Co Ltd., Aegean Bulk Co Inc.

Harris Kosmatos

Corporate Development Officer, Tsakos Energy Navigation, Ltd


The “Energy Commodities Conference” which is present since 2014 every spring in Athens has led into many business deals, plenty of new collaborations and hundreds of business appointments. Since 2014 Investors, Traders, Producers, Consultants, Big Consumers and market experts await the opportunity to interact with colleagues and to find the way for new revenue streams and hedging options!


It is part of the widest UPLONDON GROUP and it has also an important role in the local oil commodity industry in UAE

Montel is a key information provider for the European energy markets, specialising in independent market-moving news, data & analysis.

ACT Commodities is the global leader in trading energy commodities. We deal with buyers and sellers of certificates and physical products all over the world.

Τhe leading energy exchange in Europe which develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy and related products.


Greek Environmental & Energy Network S.A. – GREEN is one of the first private companies trading power in Greece.

Algorithms and quantitative services to support trading & risk management in energy markets

Koubaras is a boutique financial services practice. We focus on servicing Strategic Advisory & Corporate Transition.

Promoting a broader understanding of the key energy issues in the region

Media Partners

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E-ntelligence EE
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19 Kadmou Str., 10442 Athens

E: ip@e-ntelligence.gr
T: +30 6979 448259

Institute of Maritime & Economic Strategy
John Kalyvopoulos [ Vice President ]
60, Av. Pentelis, Chalandri

E: steering@Instimarec.eu
T: +30 6946 596475


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